Sunday, August 8, 2010

User registration and favorite lists

Most people like Classic Cat, but there are complaints too. These usually center on the quality. Some of the linked music is very good, but some not.

As I cannot check all the music myself and I have to consider abuse when introducing a voting system I have long been stuck on this. In the end I came up with a special kind of voting: the favorite lists.

If you look at this page you will see how it is supposed to work. If you click on "A favorite for 1 member" you will see a list with (in this case) one link that leads to the favorite list that contains this performance as a favorite. On the list-page you can click on the owner name and then you see the owner-page. As you will see these are test data. But it will give you an impression how it works.

I have the option now a few days online. There were some initial troubles and a few things still have to be repaired (most important: the link for password forgotten doesn't work yet; mail me if you really forgot it). Also there are several additions planned to make the favorite list experience more complete. But my biggest problem is that - although some 40 people have registered by now - nobody has chosen a favorite yet.

So I am a bit puzzled what to do next.

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