Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Little update

Today I did a little update. Some 100 new performances (too few to make an update file) and some small changes to the website.

I deleted the vote section. Nobody used it and I had the impression that it discouraged people from using favorite lists.

I noticed that the link to this blog in the menu is wrong. I repaired it for a few pages. The rest will have to wait for the next update.


  1. This blog is great news! I came here looking for recent updates to Classic Cat, I was afraid the site had been abandoned. I think the site is fantastic. Regards, C.

  2. Hey, i have just been to the site for the first time, it is quite a great website that i was looking for sometime now, to get legal records, but i didn't like the category of black composers, because it is poses some discrimination issues, the rest seems like good shortcuts, but this even if that might bear some benefit, but it can be a bit provocative for some people