Thursday, February 3, 2011

Watching museums

The Economist has a nice blogpost about the Google Art Project. It allows you to walk around in 17 museums (in Streetview style) and see paintings in incredible detail. Mostly classical paintings.


  1. The virtual walk through the great collections of these galleries is a brilliant idea. I find it extremely difficult to navigate inside the corridors - I always end up looking at the paintings from a bizarre angle. Much to be improved on the user friendliness area, I think...

  2. Hi, somehow the other day I found my way up to your classical music website. I am learning to play the piano, and am immersing myself in as much classical piano music on the web as I can.

    I'm writing to you because I neglected to put your website in my favorites folder, and now I can't find it!!! There is no link to it on your blog. (luckily I wrote on a piece of paper your blog site url).. PLEASE either e-mail me with the url to your WEBSITE - or put it up someplace on your blog site. Thanks. Maureen in Kingston

  3. P.S. _ I forgot to mention that I went up to the, and it is awesome. you can make your own collection from the various museums, and zoom up for great detail on brushstrokes... thanks for passing it along.